Knives And Their Functions

         Peeling Knife                                                                                             Paring Knife                                                                                                  Vegetable Paring Knife


        Also known as a turning knife with a curved blade.                             The most versatile of the knives, it peels, cuts,                                           The knife's round tip blade, allows for peeling,

        Peels potatoes, decorates and garnish fruit.                                         cleans and garnishes fruit and vegetables.                                                 slicing and decorating small fruits and vegetables.

                                                                                                                               Suitable for preparing meat and larding.

        Tomato Knife                                                                                              Boning Knife                                                                                                    Filleting Knife        


      The serrated edge is designed to slice tomatoes                              A thin and curved blade with a straight cutting edge.                                 Thin and flexible blade with a smooth edge to fillet fish and meat

      and lemons.                                                                                              Made flexible for boning and trimming fat and cartilage.                           cleanly and easily    


       Vegetable Knife                                                                                            Bread Knife                                                                                                      Carving Knife


     Knife with a wide blade that allows precise cutting                                  Long and strong blade with a serrated edge to cut                                  Slim knife with a strong blade and fine cutting edge for

     and chopping all kinds of vegetables.                                                          bread and cakes. Also perfect for large sized fruits.                                preparing all kinds of meat and carving roasts.


       Carving Fork                                                                                                   Santoku Knife                                                                                                 Chef Knife


Two pronged fork used to hold and serve meat.                              Asian inspired multipurpose knife. Great for preparing meat,                               This strong knife has a wide blade and smooth edge.                                                                                                                      fish and vegetables.                                                                                                      Easily cuts through all kinds of food  



        Salmon Knife                                                                                                  Chinese Cleaver 


 Knife with a long and flexible blade, with round tip to cut                                 Is perfect for preparing meat, fish and vegetables,

and serve very thin slices of salmon. Also used for separating                         however it is not suitable for chopping bones. We recommend

 layers of cakes and pastries.                                                                                 using a poultry shear instead.